At this level you will be able to learn the basics of English grammar starting from the parts of speech. This module is for the beginners.Course Content


If you are already familiar with basic grammar and yet find it difficult to speak in English, Functional level is for you.Course Content


If you are able to barely speak in English and want to improve the effectiveness of your communication, Fluent level is for you.Course Content



Our courses are designed in line with the “Natural Learning Process”, one of the most efficient ways of learning a new language. This process involves “Listen – Speak – Read – Write” steps, in the same sequence.

Learning Support

A panel of experienced English teachers will clarify your doubts and guide your learning through an off-line support system.

Spoken English Classes
Spoken English Classes
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Spoken English Classes

The programme was very useful to me. I improved my English much better after taking these courses. Thanks for making me speak better.

Harpreet Kaur, Himachal Pradesh

Though I study in Engineering college, I always had difficulty in speaking fluently in English. This course helped me and now I am able to speak with confidence.
K. Senthil Kumar, Nagar Koil

The course is very interesting and simple to follow. My English grammar is much better now. Some of the exercises and practice sessions were very helpful in making my language better.
R. Prabha, Chennai